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OTB was established in 2003 with the goal of providing quality machinery backed by unparalleled service. From day one OTB has been a dependable resource that industry leaders can rely on.

OTB Machinery provides a wide variety of machinery from simple manual coping machines to completely automated and integrated Double End Tenoners Lines. We offer dependable service along with complete control retrofits of existing machines.  Our upgrades offer a solution for the unsupported/obsolete machine controls by removing old hardware and replacing new hardware with control logic written in English and supported by OTB.

OTB is Proud to Announce its Partnership With Fiorenza!

OTB Machinery has just completed an agreement to be the importer and US representation for Fiorenza. Please check out the link below to see all of their capabilities. OTB Machinery will be a full service importer, including stocking of spare parts and complete service including programming and troubleshooting of the controls.

 Gabbiani, Celaschi, and Northtech

OTB stocks spare parts and services from many other manufacturers!

Single and Double End Tenoners:

All OTB single and double ends all start with a strong and durable cast iron base, a tried and true tenoner chain system. Control hardware that is stocked and fully supported by US offices, is then installed by OTB. Each machine is then built and programmed to the customers specifications. Capabilities that include complete servo axis control, automatic tool change and HSK 63-F spindles.

Machine Control Retrofits:

Do you have machinery that is mechanically sound, but the controls are no longer supported? We can fix that for you with a complete control retrofit. OTB uses US stock hardware and in house programmers to provide you with a PLC control system that you own and is supported by OTB as well as the US based hardware supplier.



XRT Series Coping Machines

From the simplicity and the effectiveness of the XRT.5 to the precision and innovation of the XRT Duo. The XRT series can handle all of your coping needs.

SEI Series Shapers

The SEI Series Shaper features a heavy cast base with a motorized NC controlled outboard fence. It comes standard with an HSK 63-F spindle and belt fed power feeder.

Wide Belt Sanders

Whitfield Wide Belt Sanders feature heavy duty construction with sizes ranging from twenty-four inches up to fifty-three inches. Additional options include vacuum belt, touch screen operation, hydraulic powered feed belt, constant pass line and planer head.