OTB is Dedicated to Help You Build a Better Door!

    OTB was established in 2003 with the goal of providing quality machinery backed by unparalleled service. Over the years OTB has become a stalwart that industry leaders have relied on. Here at OTB Machinery provide a wide variety machinery from simple manual coping machines to completely automated and integrated Double End Tenoners Lines. Another service provided is control retrofits, where the unsupported machine controls are removed and replaced with new controls that is fully supported by OTB. Here at OTB we take pride in directly supporting what we sell.


Single and Double End Tenoners:

All OTB single and double ends all start the same way, with a strong and durable cast base, a tried and true chain system, and controls that are supported in the U.S. Each machine is then built to the customers specifications, with capabilities that include complete servo axis control, automatic tool change and HSK 63-F spindles.

XRT Series Coping Machines:

From the simplicity of the XRT.5 to the precision of the XRT Duo the XRT Series is ready to take on any and all of your coping needs. Also featured is the complete XRT Line. For more pictures and info: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9ayZvN2_U8HU0JNWXFBR0JYR2c




SEI Series Shaper:   

  • The SEI Shaper starts with a sturdy cast base and is then outfitted with a motorized outboard fence that is tool compensating.
  • It also features a belt-fed power feeder that keeps part firmly against fence.
  • Comes standard with an HSK 63-F spindle.



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